Expo Leonardo da Vinci Schlössle Center, Pforzheim, SEP2014. Video:


Expo Leonardo da Vinci Tibarg Center, Hamburg, September 2014. Video:


Expo Leonardo Universal Genius Perry Center Oftringen AG/SUI, May 2014 - Watch the video here:



Expo Leonardo da Vinci Universal Genius at Oberwiehre Center Freiburg GER, October 2013 Movie:



Expo Leonardo da Vinci The Painter Wiedikon Museum, Zurich. Movie:

Come and enjoy our brand new expo about Leonardo da Vinci The Painter. DEC01 until JAN13, 2013.
Ortsmuseum Wiedikon, Zurich down town, Steinstrasse 8, 8003 Zurich.
We bring the whole 25 Da Vinci's paintings.
If you like, we drive you personnally thru the expo, mail us at leonardo-da-vinci@
bluewin.ch -
Open Wed/Sat/Sun 2-6 pm.

Welcome by Leonardo da Vinci's paintings.

Watch our fantastic exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci's painintgs:


Look every painting in details, here:


We rent and organize for you this magnific and exclusively Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings' Exhibition, we transport it and we install it.

From one day to six months.

Write us: info@leonardo-da-vinci.li